Executive  Coaching and Coach Supervision

Individual leadership development is a crucial process to cultivate efficent and resilient leaders in all types of organisations. 

To develop strong communication and emotional intelligence it takes a lot of self-awareness and emotional regulation. 

Effective communication from an authentic perspective is the backbone for an effective leadership. Communication skills are mor than just transferring information between people. 

To listen actively for the sake of understand - more than speaking to be understood.

Today the business conditions require business leaders to be able to handle volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity and endure the uncertainty. 

The benefits of executive coaching  

  • Handle interpersonal conflicts more effectively
  • Personal and individual training to think effectively
  • Increases emotional intelligence
  • Better time management
  • More efficient thinking about complexity and leading management teams 

Personal development 

Executive coaching gives you a safe thinking space with a speaking partner, to think out loud about the challenges you face. 

To being able to reflect on why you hesitate to handle different people or why you feel frustrated or confused in a business situation. 

Executive coaching gives you tools for difficult conversations and challenging decisions. 

Your leadership will be more authentic and credible instead of just following a leadership manual from a course. To supplement theories about leadership with own, personal development provides good conditions for authenticity.

To be aware of your qualities,  strengths, and flaws are a good way to give you, your coworkers, and your business kvaliteter the best of you. 


The benefits of leadership development:

  • awareness of strengths and working habits
  • better problem-solving skills through less stress 
  • a resilient life with better work and life balance 
  • job satisfaction and being a role model 

A leader is an important person for your employees tto build resilience and sustainability for the business.  

Kristina Bähr is a  Medical Doctor, Executive Coach, public speaker and owner of Exist Nu AB since 2010. Kristina have an executive MBA from Edinburgh Business School. 

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Kristina Bähr 

Owner and founder of Exist Nu AB. 

Pediatrician (2008), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Coach Supervisor. Kristina has been working with executive coaching since 2010. Before that she has a long experience in handling personal working related issues and negotiation, for the Swedish Medicial Association at Karoilnska University Hospital.  

MBA, Edinburgh Business School, exam 2021 negotiation and influence as elective courses.

Kristina is also an author and a podcaster (Hjärnpodden - in Swedish) since 2015.

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Research Group Leader, Karolinska Institute

It has been incredibly luxurious to have a person outside the organization to talk to who I don't have to be good at. I have therefore been able to challenge myself and be able to root in the fact that I am a manager. I can put visions into words and have gained increased self-confidence. I have become better at delegating and giving mandates to others.

Department Head, Karolinska Institute

In the role of head of department, I have had to deal with an employee with high conflict behaviour. With external support, I have been able to find clarity in my leadership, which ultimately led to me being able to make the employee accountable for the behavior and take responsibility for it.  I was finally able to terminate the position. I realized during the executive coaching that it starts with my own clarity and security as a manager/leader.